Gain Control in Your Business and Reduce Stress

When you work with a Business Plan it focuses you and your team on those important aspects which gain long-term improvements.  By focusing on a direction proven to improve your business you reduce stress each day so you get to enjoy your business. 


PlanningCLUB is where you work with a business coach and other business owners to develop a positive way forward for your business.  From the learnings and interaction gained during PlanningCLUb you develop a plan which grows control, grows cash flow, grows profits and grows long term value.


Work with your Business Coach during PlanningCLUB to develop a business plan to gain control, reduce stress and grow the positive aspects of your business.


Five Great Reasons To Use Our Business Plan System

5 Benefits Of PlanningCLUB

1. Robust Business Plan
PlanningCLUB is designed to set the strategic direction of your business, as well as produce a robust plan for the next 5 years. As your business plan is cloud-based, you can adjust and modify the plan as your business changes.


2. Predictive Financial Modelling
The PlanningSYSTEM predicts future cash at bank, profitability, equity growth and the businesses yearly marginal cash situation. It does this via real-world inputs like... What does the business sell, How much does it sell those items for, what are the cost to sell those items, and what are your operational expenses?


3. Clarity Of Goals
PlanningCLUB is focused on building workable goals for the key people within the business. To establish core success criteria which the business needs in order to grow customer numbers, revenue, and profits. This is done via interactive sessions with attendees of the PlanningCLUB two-day event.


4. Strategy Builder
The Planning System has more than 1,100 inbuilt strategies we use to formulate those strategies important to each individual business. Our strategy builder gives each attendee a way of creating powerful customised strategies for the improvement of your business.


5. Coaching Toward Success
One very important aspect of PlanningCLUB is the one-to-one and group coaching conducted during the two days. As a client of ActionCOACH you will work on your strategic direction, business modeling and planning under a formula of success - interactive with other business owners, and gaining coaching from world-class business coaches.



So What Is In The Plan?

Announcing a powerful program guaranteed to deliver a comprehensive
business plan (complete with strategies for improvement) … unlike any other “Business Plan” workshop offered anywhere else …

PlanningSYSTEMS enables you to create a professional business planning document that will give you what you need as an effective tool for further bank funding, Angel investment, bank requirements, suppliers or for keeping shareholders informed structured as 19 separate sections:


1)    The Business At a Glance

2)    USP, Mission, Success Factors, Capital Requirements

3)    History

4)    Products & Services

5)    Structure

6)    Success Factors

7)    SWOT

8)    Goals, Milestones, Strategies

9)    Marketing

10)  Sales

11)  Customer Management

12)  Pricing

13)  The Competitive Landscape

14)  Financial Plan

15)  5 Year Income Statement

16)  5 Year Annual Balance Sheet

17)  5 Year Cash Flow

18)  Comprehensive Diagnostic

19)  Strategies For Improvement


The incredible thing about this plan is that you and your team can go back into the planning portal and update it at regular intervals to keep on track and to monitor how you are progressing.

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